• It's not at war, but up to 3% of its people have fled. What is going on in Eritrea?

    Adam was forced to serve as a child soldier before he escaped – his story is one of many in a totalitarian state where citizens are afraid to leave their homes Adam is just 16 years old, but the events of his short life illustrate why so many Er...
  • 20ሰኔ 2020 ፍዳታትሲ ኤልብድነሪ

    ቆል ፋሪዕ እክባ ሙርቛ ብሊነሪ- ኤርትራ/ ሆደ Democratic Organization Blin Nation Eritrea/ Hodde 20 ሰኔ 2020ዓም ነዉኽር ክብርድ ኤልብነኩንላ። ንሂርሰና ካብሪ ግርጋ ድግም ኤሪት...
  • Eritreans launch urgent appeal to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy over refugees

    On behalf of the undersigned Eritrean opposition groups, we are writing this open letter to you to express our grave concerns about the fate of Eritrean refugees and asylum-seekers in Tigray, Ethiopia. For the last two decades, Eritreans have been face...


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