• በዓል በኪት/ርሑስ በዓል

    በዓል በኪት ልደት'ዲ ፥ ኣመራ ሰላምዲ ፍቅሪዲ ገምዳዂ እሲኒት። ርሑስ ልደተ'ክርስቶስ ፤ ዓመተ' ፍቅርን ሰላምን ይገበረልና 2021 ብሊና ኦርግ...
  • Diplomats back claims Eritrean troops have joined Ethiopia conflict

    US official among sources saying soldiers from Eritrea are fighting in operations against Tigray People’s Liberation Front A US official and other diplomatic sources have backed accusations that Eritrean soldiers are fighting alongside Ethiopian tr...
  • ታና በስክዲራዲ /ዖናዲ ሩኽ

    20:30 በርሊንድ ወክት፣  ቱሲሰና እዳናኹድ/ ኢትዮጲያ ኤርትሪል ከውሲ ወቀጭና ኣካን ሺባ List of massacres /show list (Host)20:45 በርሊንድ ወክት፣ 1963-1969 ሰንሒት ወቀጭስሮሰ...


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