Eritrea’s Isaias Afwerki: a tactical authoritarian who might be president for life

There are few leaders as enigmatic as Eritrea’s president, Isaias Afwerki. In my book, Understanding Eritrea: Inside Africa’s Most Repres...

Human rights breaches in Eritrea, Nicaragua and Saudi Arabia

On Thursday, the European Parliament adopted three resolutions taking stock of the human rights situation in Eritrea, Nicaragua and Saudi Arab...

ሓደ መስከረም ዝኽሪ ምጅማር ብረታዊ ቓልሲ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ብዲሞክራስያዊ ዉድብ ብሄረ ብሌን/ኤርትራ/ሆደ

መበል 59 ዓመት ባሕቲ መስከረም እንቋዕ ኣብጽሓና። ባሕቲ መስከረም ነባሪ ንምጸብራቅ ልዑል ዘ...

ዋሳ ብርፍ ለመለም ስላሑዂ ግርጋ ላዂ እረረትሪ-1961 ፋሪዕ እክባ ሙርቛ ብሊናዂ-ኤርትራ/ሆደ

 ሰልፋ አርባ እረረትሪ 59 አመሪ ጃብ ሕርየት መታን እንሽኽድ ለመለም ብርፍ ዪነሪ ግርጋ ግን...

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